About Nancy Poydar Author Visits

Nancy visits several schools and libraries each year. Children and their teachers inspire her work - they give her ideas for stories as well as characters. School life is central in many of her books and it changes constantly.

School presentations are for groups of two, three or four classrooms gathered around an easel, whiteboard or chalkboard. Presentations are geared to different grade levels. Presentations include:

  1. A drawing demonstration
  2. A discussion of the stages of book making for an author/illustrator with examples from Nancy's work
  3. A sharing of a book or work in progress with opportunities for participation or role playing
  4. A time for students to "interview" Nancy and book signing*

The honorarium is $900 for up to three school presentations.

To arrange a visit, please contact Nancy.

*Children like owning a book by an author/illustrator they have just met! Usually the schools and libraries Nancy visits arrange to sell her books. At schools this is often done with an order sheet prior to the visit. Since Nancy does not supply books for such a sale, the school or library arranges for books with a local independent bookshop or with the publisher. Books are available on consignment in connection with author visits, usually with a discount.

School visit